Our Team

Sarah Nolin


Sarah is in her third year at the University of British Columbia, working towards her BA in international relations and gender, race, sexuality, and social justice studies. She has worked with OMS for the past three years on the executive team as marketing director and now as CEO. Her passion for social equality inspires her writing. Focusing on the social inequities within medicine and other STEM sectors, Sarah aims to draw attention to these issues.


Tanvir Minhas


Tanvir is a third year Microbiology and Immunology student at the University of Saskatchewan. She has been involved with OMS since 2017 and is beyond excited to be a part of the blog team! With a keen interest in medicine and a passion for inclusivity in the field, Tanvir is looking forward to being a part of a blog that aims to ignite important conversations within the scientific community.


Alan Peng


Entering the University of Toronto (St. George) this year, Alan is ready to study the wonders of biology and the modern advancements in life sciences research. He wishes to document and to share his investigations into topics surrounding the field of medicine which he aims to enter in the future. In his free time, he is either very slowly climbing the online chess ranking, or he is reading classic novels or contemporary nonfiction.

Iman Kashif


Iman is a first year science student at the University of Ottawa. She has been involved with Beyond OMS since 2021, and is an avid participant in scientific endeavours. Iman is passionate about finding solutions and bringing awareness to underlying issues in healthcare and social justice fields, and hopes to accomplish this by engaging in this blog.

Soumiya Sivasathiyanathan


Soumiya, 17, is focused on leveraging brain-computer interfaces and other emerging technologies to address problems like mental illnesses, as she did with her moonshot, Rev1ve, and empowering women with her current projects. She has been with OMS for three years - from volunteer to VP of Internal Affairs and now to VP of External Affairs. Soumiya is passionate about democratizing knowledge on the field of medicine and overlooked issues within the healthcare space