Beyond OMS

Operation Med School (OMS) is a non-profit and student-run organization that facilitates in-person conferences, and now online webinars, throughout Canada and The United States. The mission of OMS is to educate students on the pathways to medicine and make medical dreams accessible to all students.

In order to increase these efforts, the Beyond OMS blog was born! This blog is intended to further educate and inspire students on popular medical science and STEM topics like medicine, health sciences, biomechanical engineering, etc., as well as the social impact that these disciplines have! At our core, the OMS mission is to inspire and challenge students to reimagine medicine and the possibilities of their futures, and this blog will continue on with that mission!

Our Operation

As previously mentioned, the greater OMS organization is entirely run by students! This blog is made up of both high school and university students. Every month, our writers will contribute new content of their choosing, with the intention to inspire students and readers of all ages!


All opinions and views expressed in the articles on this blog are that of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of Operation Med School. The editor and authors are responsible for varifying information presented in their posts and OMS is not responsible for varifying the accruacy of the information presented. The purpose of this blog is to allow students to express their views and write about topics that interest them. The content on this blog is not constituted as professional opinions, views, or advice.